Wrist Warm Up for Handbalancing

It goes without saying, but a good wrist warm up is a key part of a handbalancing routine. In this post, I’ve collected a list of top 10 wrist warm up exercises that I happen to do every time I practice.

I stick with pretty much the same exact warm up every time I practice handbalancing. This way, I have something thorough that’s easy to stick to and remember. Of course, a warm up should include the legs, back, shoulder, etc. as well.

When I say I do a wrist warm up every time I practice, I mean it. Whether I’m in a rush, no one’s watching, or I’m feeling *meh*, I stick to this routine. That way, less time recovering from injury and more time improving!

Top 10 Wrist Warm Ups VIDEO


Wrist Warm Up

Spaghetti, Meatball, Cheese

Spaghetti: Clasp your hands together flat, palms facing down. Make a wave with your arms, starting at the wrist going out to the elbow. Reverse directions.

Meatball: Make one hand into a fist, and rotate it in circles. Reverse directions. Switch sides.

Cheese: Hold your hands out at eye level, bend your flat palms down 90 degrees with the forearm, and flick your hands loosely, like your flicking water off your hands.

Piano, Motorcycle

Piano: Put your hands at eye level, with fingers facing away from you, flat palms bent at 90 degrees from the forearm. Alternate bending one wrist down and one wrist up, like you’re playing a piano with giant keys.

Motorcycle: Put your hands at eye level, with hands in fists, facing away from you. Wrists are bent at 90 degrees from forearm. Alternate bending one wrist down and one wrist up, like you’re revving a motorcycle.

Wrist Rolls

Wrist Rolls: Make a fist with one hand (optional: support it with your free hand) and roll in one direction, then the reverse. Repeat on other side.

Two Finger Pull

Two Finger Pull: Grab two finger at a time and pull back, then pull forward (thumb by itself).

Around the Clock

Around the Clock: On hands and knees, place both palms on the floor an rotate wrists around the clock palms down while putting some weight on them. Do the same thing with the back of your hands on the ground.


Flicks: Flick fingers out from fists to fully spread (like the explosion after a fist bump!). Repeat this many times.

Plank Shoulder Shrugs

Plank Shoulder Shrugs: Get in plank position on your hands and shrug fro neutral to pronated back (round) position. All the while putting weight on your wrists.


Soup Can Lifts: Strengthen your wrists by taking two soup cans and lift them by rotating the wrist from neutral to an upward position.

There you have it; 10 different wrist warm ups to put into your handbalancing warm up routine.


Enjoy the workout! & Stay DARING!


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