Pull-up Bar Workout

Pull-ups give you super powers.

Want to climb a rope? Lift yourself out of the pool like a mermaid? Look like Michelle Obama? Yeah, that all requires upper body strength. Pull-ups are going to get you there.

Find a pull-up bar in any gym, install an inexpensive over the door pull up bar (affiliate link) at your home or even venture to a nearby playground or exercise trail and try this simple pull-up bar workout (video & text)-

Here is my pull-up bar workout in text –

  1. Pull-Ups to Failure Set 1: Do as many pull-ups as you can without coming down or swinging (a.k.a. strict pull ups). Try to set a benchmark your first time, and then do at least that many the next time you workout, adding to it as possible.
  2. L-Seat Leg Raises: Set a target of something you’re capable of – 4, 6, 8 whatever you can do. Keep your legs straight and raise from a horizontal position to a vertical position with your toes touching the bar. Don’t let your feet touch the ground between repetitions.
  3. Pull-Ups to Failure Set 2: Aim to do half of what you did in your first pull-ups to failure (i.e. If you did 6, try for 3, if you did 16, try for 8).
  4. Wind-Shield Wipers: Set a target of something you’re capable of in an even number to hit both sides evenly – 4, 6, 8.. Start with your legs straight up to the bar, like the end of the L-Seat Leg Raise position and lower your legs to the left side, then the right side and repeat without dropping your feet .

If you commit to doing this everyday you will see a serious improvement in your upper body strength as well as the appearance of your biceps and back. Those abs will see improvements too since we broke our workout up with ab exercises.

Bonus: Here’s a challenge for your abs –

  1. Ab Challenge: Try a “One Arm L-Seat Leg Raise” by lifting your L-Seat Leg Raise to the bar holding on to the bar with only one hand. Make sure to engage your core while doing this so you don’t twist around.

How do you like this workout? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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