At Home Kettlebell Workout

If you’re like me, your home fitness equipment stash doesn’t include everything but it does include a kettlebell.

One night recently, I was home and realized I wasn’t going to able to get out to the gym like I’d planned, but I didn’t want to give up a good intense butt kicking workout. So, I made up this kettlebell workout that will leave you with a good burn tomorrow (I promise, I’m feeling it now!).



Target Body Areas: Quads, Glutes, Lower Back, Obliques, Biceps

Equipment: Kettlebell*, Chair
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Instructions: Do 3 rounds of these exercises, breaking for 1 minute or less in between to rest and drink water. Make sure to stretch before and after.

  1. Squat Swings (12 reps) – Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, squat down with kettlebell hanging straight down between legs, swing the weight to horizontal as you rise from squatting to standing, lower between legs on the way down into the squat and repeat.
  2. Lunges (12 reps each side) – Start standing with legs together, hold kettlebell closet to chest. Holding the weight in place, step back onto one leg for a deep lunge and back to standing. Alternate, step back with the other leg into a deep lunge.
  3. One Arm Rows (12 reps each side) – These are commonly done with a dumbbell, but not today! Start with one hand on the seat of the chair, the kettlebell in the other hand. Bend over so your back is parallel with the floor, legs shoulder width apart. Starting with the kettlebell hanging straight down, pull it up towards your shoulder. Switch sides and repeat.
  4. Side Bend Toe Touches (12 reps each side) – Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, raise kettlebell overhead with one hand with a straight arm. While looking up at the kettlebell , bend down to touch one toe while keeping legs straight and weight straight overhead. Switch sides and repeat.
  5. Squat Raises (12 reps)- start with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart and kettlebell in both hands held closely to chest. Bend down into a deep lunge and when rising back to standing push the weight to the ceiling with arms straight in the air. Return to chest and repeat.

There goes it! A 15 minute at home workout to give you major burn on days you can’t make it to the gym. Remember to stretch after, especially your legs or they’ll be tight tomorrow. Throw this in on nights your workout plans fall through, or tie it into your regular gym or home workout routine.

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