#CrowLanding Yoga Challenge Recap

I took part in my first Instagram Yoga challenge!

I’ve definitely said “I’m totally going to do this!” to many challenges, that never panned out. This one was only 8 days from March 13-March 20, so I knew I could probably stick to it.

This challenge was awesome. Basically, it was a progression for 8 days working towards coming down from handstand to crow pose, which is something I definitely couldn’t do on Day 1.  The hosts were @catbradleyyoga, @bowlingandyoga and @stretchylexi (follow them on Instagram!). I got a ton of clever progressions from @bowlingandyoga and @stretchylexi. We all love to jump right to “the thing”, but progressions are the real way we get something we’ve never done before. @catbradleyyoga  has seriously amazing form and explains moves with such amazing clarity. Loved it. Here’s my recap via Instagram posts –

Day 1 – Crow Pose & Handstand hold for 20/30 Seconds

Day 2 – Crow to Crane w/Crow Push Up

Day 3 – Jump to Crow

Day 4 – Handstand to Chaturanga

Day 5 – Test Landing: Handstand Wall Slide to Crow

Day 6 – Malasana Lower

Day 7 – Pincha to Baby Crow

Day 8- Handstand to Crow


The challenge is over now, but you can still get the instruction on this challenge by going to the hosts’ Instagram posts (@catbradleyyoga
@bowlingandyoga and @stretchylexi). 

I’d love to host a challenge like this someday! #FreeStandingHandstand challenge? #QuestForThePress challenge?

Let me know in the comments what kind of mini challenge you would go for. 🙂




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