About Me

Bio PhotoHi! I’m Eliannah and I started my blog: AcroCafe by Eliannah to share my passion for alternative fitness, often related to being upside down. Here’s to being STRONG, DIFFERENT and DARING.

Life is better upside down!

I’m an engineer by day, but I’ve been inching my way deeper into the world of circus, rock climbing, OCR and, of course, all things Ninja (a.k.a. American Ninja Warrior).

I’ve competed on American Ninja Warrior twice; Season 7 in Pittsburgh and Season 8 in Philadelphia. I also competed in the second season of the National Ninja League Finals.

I’ve competed in several Spartan Races, including one elite heat race where I placed top 20. I have also competed in Goliathon where I’ve placed in the top 5  for females and been on the 1st place team. I’ve qualified for the OCR World Championships for the past two years.

I have also performed in two semi-professional circus shows: Reverie in Black and White and Sherlock Holmes & the Sapphire Night, in which I performed tumbling, partner acro, hand balancing and hoop diving.  I’m looking forward to an opportunity to perform on an aerial apparatus in a show this summer (2017).

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